The McNeil Medical Centre, Uganda

As a tribute to its founder and former Chairman Duncan McNeil on his retirement.  ASE Consulting in partnership with the UK charity Uganda Lodge Community Projects embarked on a project to set up and operate a Primary Care Medical Centre in Uganda. ASE committed to funding and providing expertise from its resources in support of the project.

Ruhanga is a rural parish within the Ntungamo district in South West Uganda. It comprises ten small villages of approx. 90 households in each village. In Uganda, children under 15 years of age equal the number the adults and Ruhanga is no different. It is a rural area and a large majority of the inhabitants are subsistence farmers with very little disposable income for education and emergencies such as illness.


The stated aim of the McNeil Medical Centre is ‘To deliver basic primary care to the villagers of Ruhanga’in order to improve the health and well-being of the people in the area.

The clinic has a number of roles within the community, including:

  • Basic primary care for the villagers (including the 2000 children).
  • A basic first Aid Post
  • Ongoing vaccination programmes for the villagers
  • Aids, Malaria and other disease prevention & education
  • Pregnancy & birth control clinics
  • Training of local health volunteers


ASE Consulting are proud to report that the McNeil Medical Centre has recently opened and is actively delivering health benefits to this rural African community. We will continue to support the clinic over the next few years as it established itself.

Terry Underwood

Terry Is a Senior Consultant who has worked for ASE Consulting for 11 years. Specialising in Requirements Engineering and Solutions Architecture he has recently been engaged on the Department of Energy & Climate Change's Smart Metering Programme. Terry leads ASE Consulting's Corporate Social Responsibility function.

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