Enterprise Architects – Stepping up to the Big Data Challenges

Big Data technologies have become a key disruptive force for many organisations, opening up opportunities to gain actionable business insight, improve operational efficiency and value propositions through utilising sources of data that had not previously been supported or considered useful.

As Big Data finds its way towards the top of many business executives’ agendas for innovation and change, the enterprise architect must determine and articulate how this fits into the overall enterprise, and guide business leaders in making the right investment decisions. The architect holds the key to understanding the business, information and technology concerns of the organisation, and it is this unique combination of knowledge that places him/her in an exciting position to be the Big Data opportunity maker of the organisation.

This paper provides thought into the pivotal role that enterprise architects must play in embracing Big Data initiatives within the organisation. It discusses the need for them to work closely with senior business stakeholders and develop robust information architectures, whilst maintaining a current in-depth knowledge of technologies and their application in addressing the organisation’s Big Data initiatives.

EA - Stepping up to the Big Data Challenge

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Chris King

Chris King is a Principal Consultant at ASE Consulting. The early days of his career focused upon the design, development and administration of large-scale RDBMS systems. He has since worked across multiple sectors within the domains of Enterprise Architecture, Business and Systems Analysis, ICT Strategy, Solution/Technical Architecture design and assurance. Through this period he has continued to maintain a focused interest upon the fast moving world of data related technologies and their applications in the real world.

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