The Potential of the Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things is taking over from Big Data as the current technology must have and needs to be considered when developing any Technology Strategy. The Internet Of Things, usually referred to as IoT, represents a culmination of various developments providing cheap processors, ubiquitous networks and the ability to crunch large amounts of data. IoT devices are appearing almost everywhere inside the home and the consumer world as well as inside industry where large engineering companies such as Roll Royce and Siemens are looking at their business model based on better information about how their products are performing. At the boundary of the consumer and industrial environments IoT is making an impact with areas such as healthcare and energy supply becoming increasingly connected and managed.

This White paper gives and overview of what the Internet of Things is, where it is being used and identifies some of the potential areas of opportunity and concern. It goes on to propose that  IoT needs to be a part of any future Technology Strategy whatever the industry or service.

ASE IOT White Paper v4

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Graham Patterson

Graham is a Managing Consultant at ASE specialising in Strategy Development, Enterprise Architecture and Architecture driven delivery. By harnessing business and technical skills, he ensures successful outcomes. He brings excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, astute and effective stakeholder management, together with a thorough approach and a strong technical background. Graham is a Fellow of the BCS.

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