Better Value, less risk, cost effective and value-for-money – these are some of the phrases we understand when it comes to helping clients plan and deliver complex procurements. These phrases also apply to clients seeking support in transforming difficult, challenging and under-performing IT contracts.

We specialise in guiding organisations through the minefield of procurement, such as: developing procurement strategy; and delivering any and all elements of the Procurement lifecycle against the organisation’s strategy. We are happy to get involved at the start of the procurement journey or when it’s becoming a little more challenging, perhaps where an extra set of eyes and ears, plus a capable pair of hands, is just what’s needed.

Our Procurement Toolkit has been developed from a wealth of experience. It can be tailored to suit each client’s needs and each phase of the procurement. We can also assist procurement organisations to implement a Procurement Framework (or improve an existing one), to develop experience and expertise, and to deliver more mature procurement functions.

Once contracts are let we can also assist organisations to get the most from them, particularly where a contract has become troublesome in some way – a failing contract, a delayed programme, an under performing contractor, benefits not realised etc. We first understand the problem using our Commercial Triage process and then we help transform the contract using our Commercial Transition service.   In many cases of failing contracts, the client lacks a sound contract management function to closely monitor their contracts. At ASE we can help implement effective contract management using our Contract Management Framework which is tailored to suit the client’s organisational structure and resource capability.

Our Commercial consultants are amongst the most sought after people in the UK, bringing a range of values and benefits:

Client Focus

  • We adapt to client needs by fulfilling leadership, team or consultative roles;
  • We assist clients take long-term ownership through a mixture of knowledge-sharing, mentoring and work-shadowing; and
  • We can tailor our services to meet very specific client needs.


  • We develop innovative commercial solutions that meet client constraints whilst ensuring supplier deliverability and maximum value for the deal; and
  • ASE-originated solutions have been incorporated into Office of Government Commerce model ICT contracts, demonstrating ASE is at the forefront of developing best practice.


  • Clients can minimise their risk and cost by requesting one of our risk-sharing or success-fee cost models;
  • Our commercial consultants offer high-quality, multiple skill-sets at a senior level and across commercial, procurement and finance specialisms; and
  • Our consultants identify quickly and then focus on key issues to ensure maximum benefits.

Successful Delivery

  • Our consultants demonstrate delivery excellence and have a proven track record on multi-£bn contracts;
  • We have successfully delivered in unique and challenging multi-supplier environments; and
  • Our record of minimising clients’ risk and financial exposure is second to none.

Transformational Leadership

  • We embrace a collaborative , transparent and consultative style;
  • We provide consultants with a high degree of personal and professional integrity; and
  • Our commercial consultants adopt a principled negotiation style ensuring client, stakeholder and supplier buy-in.

Our Commercial practice covers all phases of the procurement and commercial lifecycle of IT contracts, and we can support you no matter what phase of the lifecycle you are in.


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