Are you procuring your complex IT services to meet all of your business needs, whilst delivering high value-for-money, regulatory compliance and at the same time minimising risk?

Delivering an effective procurement to an agreed strategy is essential to achieving the desired business outcomes – value-for-money and within an acceptable timetable. At ASE our Commercial consultants are able to deliver the full procurement lifecycle from engagement with the market to handover to contract management and everything in between.

You may not need the entire procurement lifecycle support, so we are able to break the elements down into discrete procurement components (e.g. pre-market engagement, contract development, evaluation models, independent evaluation oversight, PQQ/OJEU/ITT development etc.). Conversely, you may need help and support with an existing “in-flight” procurement and require a rapid, high value and immediate service which reviews your existing procurements. This service will provide the assurance that your procurement project will meet needs or it will identify key risks requiring remedial action before they realise as major issues.

You may have an immature or developing procurement function which may need some relatively simple “hand-holding” through a challenging procurement or your entire procurement function may need the tools and techniques to run successful procurements. Our Procurement Framework can be tailored to suit the level of experience and expertise of your procurement function.

ASE has particular expertise in:

  • Meeting business needs and maximising value for money;
  • Developing creative solutions, in complex environments, tailored to the specific circumstances;
  • Effective procurement processes based on ASE’s deep understanding and broad experiences utilising ASE’s Procurement Toolkit;
  • Tailoring Procurement deliverables appropriately to the client’s needs and the services being procured;
  • Minimising the risk of subsequent issues and any legal challenge;
  • Assurance-based reviews of in-flight procurements; and
  • Delivering Procurement frameworks to procurement functions.

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