We’re often asked “…how do I package my IT services for the most efficient procurement and to deliver a cost-effective solution?” Quite simply, a high quality Procurement Strategy is an essential first step to achieving these outcomes. Developing a Procurement Strategy assists in flushing out key issues and risks for the procurement activity, provides a tool for decision-making across a range of stakeholders and helps shape the overall timetable.

Getting your Procurement Strategy wrong, or not having one at all, could be very detrimental in terms of:

  • Cost – you do not achieve the best value for money;
  • Timetable – you have to pause the procurement process and a subsequent restart is necessary or worse, a complete stop to the procurement is required with a brand new procurement;
  • Benefits realisation – the procured service(s) do not meet the intended business objectives;
  • Quality – there is a risk of legal challenge; and
  • Risk – potential reputational damage to the procuring authority.

Any of these outcomes risks reputational damage to the procuring authority and endangers overall delivery success. Getting the Procurement Strategy “right” helps to mitigate against these outcomes and reduces risk for the remainder of the procurement delivery project.

ASE’s Commercial consultants are available to help develop or re-construct your Procurement Strategy, enabling you to maximise benefits, minimise the risk of cost and timetable overrun, and reduce the risk of any legal challenge.

Once your Procurement Strategy is in place our Procurement Delivery Service is there to support you to deliver the strategy and your procurement project.

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