Understanding how different parts of the business and technology interact can be difficult; Enterprise Architecture (EA) can help but there needs to be a coherent strategy for implementation. Our approach to the delivery of EA gives an organisation outstanding capability to assess its overall business goals and develop a supporting strategy for its EA development.

Sometimes the hardest part of Enterprise Architecture is knowing where to start. We have extensive experience in getting an EA function started and running successfully within an organisation. We look for pragmatic solutions and starting points to avoid the problems of long delivery cycles before any benefit can be seen by the business. We will quickly assess the current business, information and technology architecture against business drivers to:

  • Identify gaps;
  • Assess emerging technologies;
  • Develop opportunities and solutions;
  • Develop target architecture;
  • Develop transition architectures if required; and
  • Define migration strategy and plans.

We have experience of the development of EA Strategy across a wide range of organisations from small to very large. Our consultants are able to bring their experience and industry knowledge to new areas of business to provide realistic but innovative approaches to future delivery. An organisation’s EA Strategy needs to be grounded in the business and IT strategies and support the delivery of the business imperatives. Technology does not work in isolation and any new system or change to an existing system has the potential to cause disruption to the business while they bed in. Overcoming these obstacles depends on leadership and commitment.

Any EA Strategy needs to:

  • Be relatively short and easy for anybody in the business to understand;
  • Have a clear articulation of the expected benefits;
  • Give a clear view of what is needed but not how it will be delivered;
  • Demonstrate achievability, usually through a phased approach; and
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate changes as the business changes.

We will work with the business and the IT leadership to understand the problems the business strategy is addressing and develop a shared vision of the IT response to that problem within the most relevant Enterprise Architecture framework. Although we can guide and support the development of the Strategy, the ownership needs to be with the senior leadership team and we will ensure the correct level of understanding and commitment is in place.

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