An organisation’s IT infrastructure and the capabilities it provides to the business is of critical importance. Yet in many cases, through organic growth, acquisition or historical lack of investment, a business’s underlying IT infrastructure often becomes a bottleneck rather than an enabler.

Enterprise Architecture is to capability and flexibility as Project Management is to delivery – it’s essential. The EA discipline enables organisations to align their IT infrastructure properly to the business need and allow it to respond with agility to business change.

It addresses a number of fundamental needs of the business:

  • Ensuring IT capabilities are present and aligned with the strategic aims and objectives of the business.
  • Improving integration between business processes, information and systems to remove inefficiencies and reduce cost.
  • Increasing the agility of your IT infrastructure to adapt more quickly to business change.
  • Reducing the time to market of new capabilities, products and services.

Within our Enterprise Architecture portfolio ASE Consulting offer a number services that can help you transform your business and IT architecture, increase efficiency and adaptability and reduce cost and time to market. These services have been developed and evolved over many years of working with world class clients such as DECC, Thomson Reuters and the NHS from business unit to corporate and global scale.


In addition, our maturity assessment and knowledge transfer services can be used to drive internal Enterprise Architecture capability to higher degrees of excellence.

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