Alignment of your IT development with the overall organisational aims and strategy is the key to successful IT delivery. Achieving this depends on establishing a blueprint for success which informs every decision from solutions architecture, design and requirements management through to testing.

We will provide a robust Enterprise Architecture (EA) design authority capability embedded within your organisation to ensure design across a portfolio of change programmes is:

  • Visible
  • Controlled
  • Consistent with the overall organisational aims and strategy
  • Compliant with an agreed Enterprise Architecture

Our tailored approach will encompass:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Implementation and Architecture Governance
  • Requirements Management
  • Effective Stakeholder Management

Benefits to clients of this service include:

  • ensuring that a comprehensive end-to-end technical solution is developed that takes into account opportunities, constraints and potential threats as necessary;
  • efficient decision-making through defined roles and responsibilities for the stakeholders involved in requirements, implementation, operation and maintenance of client solutions;
  • consistency and repeatability of success by ensuring the controls are clear, understood by all parties and adhered to;
  • providing a central point of governance and control so that changes are given appropriate consideration by the correct parties in a timely fashion and only implemented once they are approved; and
  • providing a mechanism for exceptions to the architecture to be managed ensuring that due consideration is given to both the business benefit and cost the exception.

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