In large and complex IT programmes there may be any permutation of multiple IT vendors, highly-integrated solutions, large or complex data sets, a need for information security, requirements for high performance or scalability etc. In such cases, it is essential to make the most effective use of test resources to give you the maximum confidence that your IT solutions will be fit for purpose.

We have defined and led the assurance of large multi-party/multi-vendor testing and assurance programmes from the initial set up phase through to full implementation. ASE understands the challenges inherent in the build and configuration of the environments that are required to facilitate large-scale testing and has provided detailed advice on how these environments need to be designed and how then can be optimised. We also understand the organisation structure and processes that are required to support the testing multiple systems concurrently.

ASE can assist you in managing and assuring your test activities to give you confidence that you are following industry best practice regardless of the scale of the testing challenge you face. We have experience all test management activities including:

  • Developing test strategies and test plans.
  • Consulting on test data requirements.
  • Managing test execution including liaising with third party suppliers.
  • Introducing structured testing techniques, defect management and testing tools.

We will cover all of your test needs across all levels and types of testing including:

  • Module
  • System
  • Integration
  • Non-functional
  • Penetration

The following benefits have resulted from the partnership between ASE our clients to improve Test Management:

  • Reduced test effort by automating test processes.
  • Improved quality from third party suppliers by liaising with them on their internal quality processes and highlighting the impact of defects.
  • Improved management of testing and greater visibility of more accurate test metrics.

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