In today’s increasingly connected world, securing valuable information assets is increasingly a priority for our customers. Based on industry best-practice, we specialise in delivering pragmatic, proportional solutions to often complex security challenges.

Our services in Information Assurance (IA) include:

  • Embedding experienced IA professionals to lead your IA work, developing and implementing an IA Strategy to align with your business objectives
  • Working with you to design pragmatic and proportional IA solutions
  • Risk-evaluating your IA provision to provide confidence and / or accreditation
  • Providing evidence through our IA Audit services of compliance against industry-standard compliance programmes
  • Utilising our consultants’ expertise and experience to provide trusted advisors in IA

Although we have a thorough understanding of the theory, our approach is not based solely on theory. We combine the theory with real-world delivery experience, a holistic view of the security challenge within your organisation and the context of Programme or Project in which we work.

Clients consistently choose ASE Information Assurance consultants because:

  • We are motivated to deliver genuine added-value, proportionate and pragmatic solutions – but we don’t over-engineer or over-complicate
  • Our collaborative approach concentrates on working in partnership with our clients and transferring meaningful skills to their staff – we specialise in unlocking and enabling delivery capability within your business as well as delivering
  • We are supplier and technology agnostic, providing independent “client-side” consulting
  • Our best-practice certified consultants have extensive real-world experience. This means we can ramp up delivery quickly thereby minimising costs
  • Behind our consultants working with you, is the full range of ASE’s team in not just Information Assurance, but also all our other Practices – we are not just “Information Assurance”!

Our Information Assurance practice covers all aspects of Information Assurance, from technical assurance and audit to governance and leadership; our services can be requested at any point in your project or programme.

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