At ASE we have considerable experience in the improvement and transformation of business operations, including Finance, HR, IT and Contact Centre functions. We have a proven track record in working with clients to identify key and systemic issues within their back office operations, to envisage the future process, organisation and technology solutions, and to plan and deliver the required transformation.

ASE’s approach to process improvement is to work closely with our clients to ensure that improvements are embedded in the organisation and the improvements achieved are permanent. By working in joint teams we increase the transfer of knowledge to our client’s staff and give them the sklls to continue improvements after the completion of the project.

We have adapted concepts from Lean and Six Sigma to build a methodology that can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is supplemented by our internal database of best practice processes and measures. Our consultants are highly experienced in analysing processes and applying principles of lean and best practice to design future state processes. Our benefits realisation methodology ensures that benefits are identified and tracked through to delivery.

From our experience we know that process and performance measures must be defined early in the project to measure the benefits of the improvement and to ensure the operational focus. Combining this with the skills transfer to the client’s staff, it enables our clients to become self sufficient to continuously improve the final solution and maintain operational world class performance.

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