Determining the operating model for a business function and the most appropriate solution to address various business needs is a significant challenge. The alignment of multiple stakeholders with varying requirements and issues, budgets and constraints is one of the key challenges in this process; rapidly designing solution and delivery frameworks which ensure those requirements are met and benefits realised is another.

ASE have developed a Solution Envisioning Process (SEP) which is specifically aimed at determining operating models with our clients and driving the implementation roadmap, creating the organisational alignment, opportunity momentum and key solution/delivery products required for successful implementation of the new operating model.

The process is lead by highly skilled ASE consultants and utilises a joint team approach – working with the client, merging external SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) where needed with the client’s internal business knowledge and delivery skills, to create a core team who then drive the process engaging the wider stakeholder community in the process initially through interviews and then through a joint workshop process.

The tangible outputs from the SEP are an outline business case, prioritised requirements, solution options, and a high level plan & approach with agreed constraints. But it is the intangible outputs, and in particular the stakeholder alignment to the same base set of information and decisions, that differentiates the process and our approach.

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