Increasingly, ASE’s services are sought by our clients to take substantial (typically between 25 and 40%) cost out of their telecommunications infrastructures. We have a proven track record of doing this effectively and swiftly using repeatable tools and techniques. ASE’s Telecoms Cost Management services offer an initial independent Cost Savings Assessment of a client’s Telecoms spend at no initial cost, targeting major cost savings without impacting service quality.

ASE’s subsequent Cost Management Delivery services target immediate major savings as well as promoting an ongoing and sustainable culture of Cost Awareness and Cost Avoidance across the client’s organisation, ensuring long term Cost Reductions.

The success of the ASE Telecoms Cost Management service offering is based on the following 5 main principles:

  • Contract Management
  • Cost Awareness
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Cost Accountability
  • Cost Closure

ASE offer maximum value at minimum initial cost or risk to the client by providing a phased approach with a free initial assessment phase, then sharing risk and benefits in any agreed solutions & services provided through a flexible ‘gain share’ package.

As well as identifying savings directly we also focus on supplier management in terms of improving and consolidating contract and billing information. This enables us to develop a business partnership with the client’s key resources enabling skills transfer and to deliver a cost effective and sustainable service.

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