To retain a competitive advantage, organisations must continually strive for efficiencies, quality improvements and strategic advantages.

ASE offers planning, implementation and support for delivery capability improvements within your organisation. Improvements could be identified through a range of methods such as a lessons learned review, recommendations from your Centre of Excellence function, or through our Maturity Assessment.

Our service covers all aspects of portfolio, programme and project delivery. For example:

  • Improving the competencies of staff – We offer mentoring and training for roles at all levels right through from Portfolio Director and SRO to Project Office staff. We excel at embedding knowledge that translates to meaningful improvements.
  • Changing organisation structures or teams –Successfully embedding structural change is critical to optimise the smooth transition to new ways of working. We can plan and support this implementation, including careful stakeholder engagement to minimise any negativity associated with the change.
  • Increasing capacity – People are at the heart of implementing successful change, and the wrong people can adversely impact your delivery. We understand exactly what makes the best delivery staff. We also know that each organisation has different needs and one size does not fit all. We therefore offer a recruitment service which offers you certainty in the quick placement of the best person for each vacancy in your delivery organisation.
  • Improving processes and methodology – Standardised and efficient processes offer a wide number of benefits. We can support your organisation to improve management and delivery methods that align with industry best practice delivery techniques. Our real-world experience ensures change is prioritised and implemented effectively, adding genuine value rather than overheads.

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