Getting the right level of maturity supports efficient, confident delivery of change.

ASE offer an objective evidence-based assessment of your current delivery maturity – this allows us to us to quickly assess your organisation’s capability to successfully deliver your roadmap of change, identifying any capability gaps. Our maturity assessment toolkit has been developed based on our practical experience of implementing complex programmes in the public and private sectors. The assessment provides a benchmark so your organisation can undertake improvements and measure their effectiveness over time. 

The maturity assessment can be targeted specifically to portfolio, programme or project delivery, or can be run for any combination of these levels. For each level selected, up to seven underpinning areas can be assessed as required – collectively these cover all of the functions needed for strong delivery:

  • Management and Control
  • Governance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Resource management
  • Financial management
  • Benefits management
  • Risk management

During the assessment we focus on gaining an understanding of the as-is state and known challenges, using techniques such as face to face interviews and evaluation of artefacts. Our concluding Maturity Assessment Report provides key information including:

  • Summary of findings
  • Graded maturity score (level 1 to 5) for each process area at each delivery level reviewed
  • Suggested target maturity score based on your roadmap of change
  • Realistic and prioritised set of actions/ changes required to achieve the target maturity level

This service can be supplemented with our Capability Improvement service, which will support you to implement the actions identified in the Maturity Assessment Report.

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