Effective offices should form part of any business support structure – they add real value by objectively tracking delivery throughout the lifecyle, bridging the gap between strategy and delivery.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices can take many forms depending on a variety of factors such as existing organisation support structures and the size and duration of the initiatives in scope. Furthermore the processes and techniques required for effective Portfolio Office management are quite different to those needed at a Programme/Project Office level. We therefore believe office structures must be designed around the needs and goals of each individual organisation.

When implemented well, these structures bring extensive benefits that include:

  • Enabling effective decision making by providing a panoramic view of progress, risks and issues.
  • Ensuring initiatives are aligned to strategic objectives
  • Optimising return on investment
  • Bringing standardisation across project and programme delivery
  • Reducing time delays and cost overruns

ASE has experience in setting up offices from scratch at all levels (portfolio, programme and project). We can also review and re-energise existing capabilities, ensuring your organisation has the skills and processes needed to operate effectively based on the maturity level that is needed.

Expertise is a critical element to the success of any office – we can provide skilled individuals to perform any role including:

  • Head of Portfolio Office
  • Portfolio Office Analyst
  • Head of Project or Programme Office
  • Project or Programme Office Analyst

We are also able to provide expert mentoring and skills transfer, uplifting capability within your existing team.

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