Independent assurance is a key tool for ensuring projects and programmes deliver agreed business requirements and benefits within acceptable tolerances.

We offer a unique assurance process that enables initiatives of any size, level of complexity, delivery stage and delivery methodology to be consistently and quantitatively reviewed. Our assurance process is supported by the ASE Health Check Toolkit which uses a range of assessment criteria covering areas such as:

  • Business Case
  • Delivery Stage Assessment
  • Controls
  • Team Capacity
  • Stakeholder Review
  • Business Readiness

The duration and focus of each Health Check is highly flexible but always takes a broad perspective to ensure key materials and views are integrated into the assessment. The approach can be used ad hoc to spot check key projects or integrated into other assurance processes e.g. gates – including as a pre-check for OGC reviews.
Following the assessment, key positives and issues are clearly identified and evidenced. These are accompanied by a set of pragmatic and realistic recommendations designed to ensure that business needs are met and value-for-money is achieved.
As our approach is quantitative and evidence-based, it allows for comparison of results between projects in a portfolio or for a project to be repeatedly assessed so improvements can be tracked.

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