Supplier Management is critical in such a specialist supplier market as telecommunications, requiring in-depth knowledge of the competitive telecommunications market, detailed understanding of the latest innovations and a comprehensive knowledge of suppliers’ capabilities. By working as the client’s partner, ASE consultants utilise their knowledge in this specialist market to first manage supplier selection, optimising fit with and value from the supplier landscape via the Contract Management service, and then ensuring subsequent supplier delivery to industry best-practice and standards.

Building upon their supplier management capabilities, ASE’s experience in the contractual service levels field enables innovative application of billing presentation – simplifying and moving the onus of bill checking from the customer to the supplier. Reconciliation of services held/required vs. billing/contract is a key step in baselining the true cost of any telecommunications service. It forms the basis of on-going Cost Management processes, ensuring the delivery of contracted services is aligned to business needs.

ASE also ensure delivery of key projects, programmes, or portfolios of work through their Programme Management services which include the provision of Delivery Management Leaders. ASE has highly experienced and adaptable delivery leaders who are also able to take on key interim leadership roles, stabilising vital areas of the organisation whilst long-term internal leads can be identified.

As well as taking on delivery leadership, ASE provides delivery assurance utilising our in-house Health Check process which provides a fast, consistent and structured means of reviewing delivery achievability. This service has been proven to identify key issues within projects and provide remedial plans enabling delivery objectives to still be met and value-for-money ensured.

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