The ability to create robust and adaptable telecommunications solutions, that efficiently and seamlessly support our clients’ needs with the capability of enabling strategic business growth goals, is a critical requirement of all businesses and one that ASE has in depth experience of delivering.

Our approach is founded on the following core steps:

  • The creation of a realisable telecommunications strategy aligned to business strategy, architecture and operating models.
  • The documentation of specific, clear, unambiguous and output-based requirements.
  • Assessment of business requirements against the existing technology – enabling the client to select the right option to take their telecoms capability forwards be it across VOIP, mobile solutions or core landline requirements.
  • Business continuity design – coordinating business and technical responses to varying levels of threats through flexible, integrated and proven plans; ensuring telecoms systems meet peak levels of demand during major incidents and key services remain robust during major events and disturbances to operating systems.
  • The assurance of existing technical solutions and architecture enables a means of rapidly identifying key issues while assuring that solutions are fit for purpose and continue to provide value for money.
  • Simplifying and harmonises the network standards in use improves both the organisation’s business value of the network infrastructure and reduces costs. We create for our client’s effective and efficient technical and live service governance to ensure that standards are adhered to.

ASE has gained and maintains a broad and deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry. We are supplier independent and have, therefore, worked over the period with a variety of large-scale and niche telecommunications providers. We advise on general industry trends and supplier capabilities.

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